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The “Must Not Arrive After” date is the last date on which you can enter Australia while holding this visa. You may enter Australia any time from the “Visa Grant Date” until the “Must Not Arrive After” date. If the “Travel Facility” is given as “Multiple”, you may enter and leave Australia as many times as you wish from the date of visa grant. The last date you can enter Australia is the “Must Not Arrive After” date. If the “Travel Facility” is “Single”, it means you can only enter Australia once.

Once you have entered Australia, you may stay no longer than the “Stay Period” given on your visa grant notice. This may be 3 or 6 or 12 months. The months are calendar months e.g. if you enter on 5 June 2017 and the stay period is 3 months, you must leave Australia by no later than midnight on 5 September 2017

The new residence requirement for citizenship is 4 years as a permanent resident in the period immediately before applying for citizenship. In this 4-year period, the applicant must have held a permanent visa for the entire period and must not have been absent from Australia for more than 12 months. In addition, in the 12 months immediately prior to application, the applicant must not have been outside Australia for more than 3 months.
A permanent visa allows the holder to live in Australia indefinitely. However, the right to leave and re-enter Australia is only valid for 5 years. If you wish to travel overseas and return to Australia as a permanent resident, it is important to ensure that your permanent visa is still valid or that you hold a Resident Return visa (RRV).
The residence requirement for a 5-year RRV is 2 years within the 5-year period prior to application for the RRV. If the residence period is not met, it is possible to be granted a 1-year RRV if you can prove that you have strong personal, employment or business ties that are of benefit to Australia.

Any kind of work, whether it is paid or unpaid, is not permitted on a visitor visa. The only kind of work allowed is volunteer work such for as RSPCA or a similar organisation that relies on volunteers.

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